What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, meaning this digital currency can be seen, but like other currency, it does not have any physical form, weight size, it is such a digital currency. Which you cannot see or touch, yet it is stored in an electronic store, if you have bitcoin, then you can buy anything at any time from all over the world like rupees, dollars, euros i.e. other physical currency. can. Bitcoin is not controlled by any government or bank, nor does it have any real owner, due to this all black businesses are being easily carried out all over the world through this currency, it is the world’s most expensive crypto currency and is becoming increasingly popular. happened. Anyone can use bitcoin at any time, just he knows how to run the internet.

Who invented bitcoin? | Who owns the bitcoin company?


Let us tell you that the cryptocurrency bitcoin was invented on 3 January 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoro, a resident of Japan. He was born on 5 April 1975 in Japan. Payment of this digital currency i.e. Bitcoin (B = BTC) can be done in any country of the world i.e. internationally at any time. It has nothing to do with any government administration company, but the price keeps on fluctuating on direct demand and supply. How many bitcoins will enter the market is already certain. Its inventor is of course Satoshi Nakamoro but it has no real owner.

Bitcoin Price Rising Continually | how much is bitcoin worth today

At the time of the introduction of bitcoin in 2009, its value was equal to 0.00008 ie as compared to 1 dollar, which has increased to $ 45899 today to the price of 1 bitcoin. If we talk in rupees, at the time of its launch in 2009, the price of bitcoin was 36 paise per 1 bitcoin as compared to 1 rupee, which has increased today to 1 bitcoin = Rs 33,69,621 i.e. in other words, 36 paise of bitcoin. The price has increased to Rs 33 lakh 69 thousand 611 in 12 years.

What is Crypto Currency?

Crypto currency i.e. Kittu Mudra is a digital asset which is used as payment through exchange. It is designed in computer way so its transaction is safe and simple as compared to other real currency. Its payment contains individual coin ownership record i.e. In the same account existing in the form of a computerized database the courts are stored in the database of who pays each other.

What is Crypto Currency Market?


Cryptocurrency is becoming the center of attraction for investors all over the world, trading is done through crypto currency exchange, on this exchange crypto currency is bought and sold based on the current market value. According to its demand and supply, the price is fixed automatically, which is determined through computer software, when it will be mined, it is determined that more than 21 million cryptocurrencies cannot be produced in the whole world.

Why is bitcoin so expensive?

The question that definitely arises in everyone’s mind is that how did a bitcoin of only 36 paise in 2009 reach almost 500000 rupees per bitcoin in 2021?
The simple answer to this is that there is very little quantity in the bitcoin market, after mining, customers are getting bitcoin with great difficulty, that is, there is more demand for this digital currency than it is being produced. There are literally 18 million bitcoins in circulation and their number cannot go beyond 21 million. Obviously, as the demand for bitcoin increases in the market, its price will skyrocket and when the demand decreases, the prices will come down, all this will continue to happen automatically.

What is bitcoin loophole | What is bitcoin loophole ?


Bitcoin Loophole is the loophole of bitcoin. It is an automated software specially designed for trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This software generates high quality trading signals through coding algorithms and executes them in real time in the market. . Or is an automated software system that manages the value of bitcoin against other currencies according to the demand supply of the market.

What are the benefits of crypto currency ?

By the way, every currency has its own faults on the basis of its transactions, but crypto currency is a digital currency, it has no meaning from the border of which country, that is, it is used for transactions all over the world, according to the value demand of that country’s currency. And it changes automatically according to the supply, the source of its income is commission and transaction fees. An ideal trading platform is such where the user gets easy interface and security. Coin shoes is such a platform where according to the exchange, the intermediary is Easy to buy and sell crypto currency as its security fee, commission is paid. Its algorithm is automatic software base, its value fluctuations are managed according to the market, it is almost impossible to interfere in it.

Which country’s currency is bitcoin? | What is the currency of El Salvador?

El Salvador is the only country in the world where bitcoin has been given the status of a legal currency there. Bitcoin will now work as a legal currency there. It is the first country in the world where crypto currency has been recognized as an official currency by getting legal recognition. That is, now transactions can be done in bitcoin i.e. digital crypto currency.

How to buy bitcoin?

There are many crypto currency in the world but the most popular among them is bitcoin, the most searched question on the internet is how to buy bitcoin. Let us tell you that bitcoin can currently be bought through stocks with the help of trading websites and apps, through which bitcoins can be easily bought, by the way, the most trusted website to buy bitcoins is the website Wazirx, Unocoin Waysides.

What is the value of crypto currency?

Let us tell you that whenever a crypto currency starts in the market, it is listed from that 0 value, it is not a single company but it is a black chain technology which fluctuates on demand and supply. The higher the demand for the crypto currency, the more its value increases and the more the demand for the currency decreases, the more its value falls. The value of share market crypto currency or currency always depends on the demand and supply. This means that the more the demand for a crypto currency increases, the more its value will increase.

What is a bitcoin wallet? | Where is bitcoin kept?

We can store bitcoins only online i.e. in electronic stores and to keep it, we need a bitcoin wallet. There are many types of bitcoin wallets to keep bitcoins online. Like Mobile Wallet, Desktop Wallet, Wave Best Wallet and Hardware Wallet, you can create your account using any one valid as per your convenience and keep it safe with the help of your bitcoin login password. All these violets give us a unique ID as our login address. Just as you deposit your money by opening an account in the bank, in the same way through your login password.

You can store your bitcoins in your wallet at home online anytime, anywhere, buy or sell your bitcoins, invest anywhere, it’s up to you where and how you use it.

How to earn bitcoin?

Bitcoin can be earned in 3 ways. By purchasing bitcoins, assisting with online security transactions, or mining.

There are 100 million satoshi in 1 bitcoin.

Just as there are 100 paise in our currency i.e. one rupee, similarly there is a unit of 100 million satoshi in a bitcoin. Instead of buying the whole bitcoin, you can buy in chunks on a satisfactory basis. You can also take bitcoins of ₹ 100, it depends on you how you want to use it. If online you are giving any goods to someone, if he has bitcoin, then you can take bitcoin from him for money or you are selling goods to someone, then you can take bitcoin of the same price instead of direct money, thus you give them You can convert crypto currency from this wallet to your own currency through the bank whenever you want.

Payment of bitcoin can be done very easily, just you come to run the internet, you can send bitcoin to any corner of the world anytime without any hassle, you can pay it in any currency, through demand supply through automatic software. The values ​​will be fixed on the basis and exchanged through the secured miner.

By the way, if bitcoin has advantages, then it also has disadvantages because there is no official bank and government to control it, its price fluctuates continuously.