The new schedule of the Indian Premier League i.e. IPL 2021 has been released, in this post, we will give information about the date on which date and which IPL match will be played in Dubai along with the complete schedule.


BCCI has released the new schedule of IPL 2021 from 19 September. According to the new schedule, IPL 2021, starting from 19 September 2021, the final thrilling match of IPL 2021 will be played on 10 October. In this entire format, 21 matches will be played in just 21 days. Earlier, due to Kovid-19, the game of IPL had to be stopped in Advik, now in view of the huge demand of the audience, the Indian Premier League i.e. IPL 2021 is being restarted from 19 September.

Due to the interruption of IPL in the middle due to Kovid-19, which matches of this Lee were left, now these 31 matches will be played divided on the basis of 10 double headers, 7 single headers and 4 playoffs.

IPL 2021 new schedule

In the beginning of IPL 2021 this year, the Royal Challengers Bangalore Mumbai Indian and Chennai Kings had a bang on April 9 due to Kovid-19, the matches of IPL 2021 had to be stopped midway. After the havoc of the tools stopped, the BCCI released a new schedule and rescheduling the remaining nachos from 19th September to 10th October.


IPL 2021 19 सितंबर से दुबई में शुरू होगा आईपीएल, आईपीएल की तिथियां, स्थान अंक तालिका, मैच तालिका

Let us tell you that if you are eagerly waiting for IPL 2021, then your wait is coming to an end very soon i.e. from 19th September. BCCI has now revised the IPL 2021 list and released the new IPL 2021 list, in this list all 130 matches will be held in Dubai. We will immediately inform you by giving official information.


कौन है भूपेंद्र पटेल | पाटीदार नेता भूपेंद्र भाई पटेल | पहली बार विधायक बने गुजरात के नए मुख्यमंत्री भूपेंद्र भाई पटेल

IPL 2021 New Venue | IPL 2021 New Dates

IPL 2021 Marks Table

Right now the same old list of IPL 2021 exists. In which IPL match will start at that time updating the points table with new updates will be published in front of you.

The remaining 31 matches of IPL 2021 will be played in the land of United Arab Emirates i.e. Dubai for just 21 days starting from 19th September till 10th October.

Note- As soon as the new latest update is received, you will be informed by updating immediately.